Venice Beach

Our flagship store, right by the ocean, to smell, feel, taste and shop!

Our Venice Beach Beauty Boutique offers the full line of Living Libations creations. Enjoy and explore our fine line of benevolent beauty care that includes soothing serums, the purest perfumes, exquisite essential oils and elixirs, dashing deodorants, delectable chocolates, healthy hair care, and organic oral care. A true sensory revelry!

For your convenience, we always have our beauty bar well stocked and set with a full line of product testers. Enjoy a refreshing spritz of Rosewater Complexion Mist or experience the delightful differences between our best-selling Best Skin Evers!

Our creations are organic wild-crafted, raw, gluten free, GMO Free, and animal friendly. To learn more about our products and ingredients, please imbibe upon our Living Libations Philosophy.