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Renegade Beauty Affiliates are all of you who inhale life discerningly. Together, we liberate the world from the artificial and imbue it with what is real to the feel. We are the Sage Sniffers, Dew Dabbers, and Underarm Charmers who can smell imitation from a mile away. We are practitioners, coaches, experts, leaders, and lovers who regale in the energy of nature’s creations and support our communities to live illuminated in Libations. We know that beauty is not applied yet illuminated from the inside and infused with irrepressible flower power. Our imbibe-vibe is alive; in health we radiate.



Renegade Beauty Affiliates Enjoy:

• Income generated by earning commissions on sales.
• Exclusive insight into new Libations launches and upcoming events.
• An introductory 8% commission rate with room to grow, plus additional incentives, bonuses, and giveaways.
• A library of beautifully crafted creative assets.
• Real-time commissions and sales reporting, so you can always stay up-to-date on your progress.
• Personalized Libations education and botanical expertise.
• An invitation to the Renegade Beauty Affiliate Inner Circle: our private, online community to network, connect, and receive support.

How It Works:

Submit Your Verification: Submit your affiliate verification form and let us know your plans for promotion. Join our community of Libations lovers and receive your unique affiliate link.

Share the Love: Share your affiliate link with your community via social media, email newsletter, website, text, business card, or word of mouth. You are free to share as often as you like.

Earn Commission: Earn commission on every sale generated through your affiliate link. There is no cap on commissions and earnings are paid out every other month.

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