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Discover our New Fast Shipping Collection - Libations delivered to your door in 1-5 business days!
Third Eye Chakra Synergy

Third Eye Chakra Synergy

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Third Eye Chakra - Brow spirals to see into the crown and upside down. This clear attunement alights the eyes. Rays of intuitive wisdom abandon veils of illusion. Inner vision follows the notes of mysterious spiraling melodies that drip the honey of the moon-crown all the way down. Bestow onto brow and underneath nose for a meditation encouraging perception, dreams, and understanding.

Chant sound for chakra: Hu

Get your chakras glowing and your nose flowing with the complete Chakra Synergy bundle.

Chakras are energetic spirals of energy in the body that coincide with glands. There are as many electrical currents in the river of your being as there are sparkles in a starry meadow. The breath keeps this river harmoniously flowing, distributing vital source energy through your entire body.

Your susumna is the fluid sap soaring through the trunk of your tree of life. Along our spine’s scepter-stem are gems of rainbow orbs that cruise the cerebrospinal muse. The spine is the conduit for the journey of these electrical energies. Flexibility of the spine fuels the flow, and plant essences give liquid light to this journey. Light is the key to this portal land of chakra and energy flow.

The soma of plants ever-offer the gift to expand our beauty; halos of essential oils inspire spiral streams revealing jeweled points of energy. The harmonizing of our chakras flows into the glow of our aura. The auric-field is a mirror of reflectance and acceptance, gleaming inner and outer worlds.

To Use: With a single whiff or a tiny dab, essential oils meld and weld their way into our life force, influencing the mind, emotions, and body. Our Chakra Synergies may be applied to the designated chakra spots (soles of the feet, lower abdomen, navel, chest, neck, brow, and top of the head), to any pulse point, under the nose, enjoyed as a type of personal perfume, and diffused singly or layered. Use it to enhance meditation and yoga or to expand your mind, mood, and musculature.

Sage - Salvia officinalis

Sage is a jewel of nature that is used to bring balance, clarify thinking, lift spirits, and alleviate tension. Sage is also frequently used to cleanse spaces and objects of residual energy.

Desert Sage - Artemisia tridentata

Our wild Desert Sage conjures images of camping out under the windblown stars. This sacred plant is a powerful ally for approaching life with calmness and clarity.

Palo Santo - Bursera graveolens

The sacred Holy Wood tree offers a warming, balsamic, and heartening fragrance that is renewing and refreshing. Related to the frankincense tree, it was historically used by the Incas to purify and cleanse the spirit. This oil is known to contain beneficial plant properties and is highly regarded as a meditation tool and sacred space serum.

Douglas Fir - Pseudotsuga menziesii

Our perfectly purifying Douglas Fir will calm your disposition and inspire meditative feelings while enhancing deep breathing. Douglas fir harnesses the majestic power of these tall trees. Fresh evergreen apple notes clear breathing, facilitating peace and creating communion with others.

Ponderosa Pine - Pinus ponderosa

Pleasant Ponderosa Pine replenishes with the wisdom of the forest. Upon inhalation, a forest of peace envelopes the senses. The steam distilled needles release a pleasant pine aroma with a hint of citrus and a balsamic woody dry down.

Jojoba - Simmondsia chinensis

Glorious, golden Jojoba is a great base for precious oils and blends as it never goes rancid. It carries the day as it keeps this chrism combined and easy to apply.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a beautiful, balancing pink silica stone that resonates connection in the chakras.