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Discover our New Fast Shipping Collection - Libations delivered to your door in 1-5 business days!
Vanilla Fusion Carrier Oil
Vanilla Fusion Carrier Oil

Vanilla Fusion Carrier Oil

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This velvety Vanilla Fusion is a delectable and decadent offering. We infuse Vanilla beans into golden Jojoba as part of our fulsome formulation process and now we are offering this lavish carrier oil to you! Over the sequence of three moons, raw Vanilla beans are saturated in wholesome Jojoba. This opulent oil invites Vanilla’s fetching-fragrance into its folds. A stellar union to behold! This fragrant-fusion enhances massage oils, envelopes perfumes, solaces the senses, and the soft, sensual scent inspires desire. Diaphanous, dream-like, and delicious, Vanilla Fusion drips decadence onto your skin and senses.

Botanical Name: Vanilla planifolia
Botanical Family: Orchidaceae
Extraction Method: Maceration, Infusion in Jojoba Oil
Part of Plant Distilled: Seed pods
Composition: 100% Vanilla planifolia + Simmondsia chinensis
Consistency: Medium viscosity
Scent Description: Warming, subtle, honey notes that ease everything with comforting whispers of yum!
Country of Origin: Madagascar
Cultivation Method: Organic
Blends well with: Jasmine, Roses, Sandalwood, Immortelle, Carnation, Bergamot, Lime, Grapefruit, Lemon, Hops, Geranium, Ylang, Melissa, Verbena, Lilac, Neroli, Frankincense, Blood Orange, Spikenard, Vetiver, Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Petitgrain.
Uses: This cosmic-carrier oil is a fine foundation to beautiful body oils, sensual serums and luscious love lotions. Blend as a relaxant and sweet sleep serum. A comforting caress as a massage oil. Perfect in perfumes and charismatic in colognes as a carrier. A bathing beauty.


Vanilla exudes warm sensuality. We soak raw, organic Vanilla beans in pure golden Jojoba oil for a few full moon cycles until the sensual essence and soothing nature of Vanilla saturates the Jojoba.


Glorious, golden Jojoba nourishes and conditions thirsty skin. It has unparalleled ability to moisturize the skin, balance oil production, deep clean pores, and create long-lasting conditioning effects that soften skin to perfect silk. It is packed with peptides and lipids and contains the highest levels of phenolic compounds found in nature along with antioxidants and all soluble forms of vitamin E!


“The perfumer is heavily indebted to vanilla… not only does it give a sweet and pleasing fragrance, but it is unusually lasting and is, therefore, excellent for “fixing” a fragrance.”
~ Jill Jesse, Perfume Album


“For a while he was witched by the wind that yields faint fragrance of vanilla fields, and watched the pendulous humming-bird cling to the rocking flower, like a golden thing.”
~ Frederick William Faber