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Our warm, Wooden Combs feel luxurious in your hand as they sooth the scalp and smooth tangled tresses. Wood encourages good energy flow to protect the sacred energy of the Crown Chakra while shielding the hair from breakage, static and split ends. And, wood feels so good that you will never go back.


Designed exclusively for Living Libations to bless your lovely locks. The handles of our wood combs are solid Incense Cedar wood and the teeth are an exquisite, ethically harvested Laos Rosewood. We offer fine, medium and wide tooth combs to grace all hair thicknesses and styling needs. It is essential to have the right tool for the task at hand and I (Nadine) use all three combs. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your comb:

Fine Tooth Comb: back-combing, teasing or refining curls.

Create precise, detailed hairstyles such as ravishing ringlets, perfectly poised up-dos and beautiful back-combed body. Tame fly-a-ways and tidy the tips of your curls by adding a tiny touch of our Shine On, True Blue, or Honey Myrtle Hair Mask Conditioners to the teeth of the comb.

Medium Tooth Comb:massaging the scalp or combing hair in the morning.

The thicker teeth in this comb stimulate to the scalp and evenly disperse natural hair oils (sebum) for super shiny and flake-free hair. It also feels really amazing.

Wide Tooth Comb:detangling wet hair, combing in conditioner or creating loose curls.

The widely spaced teeth ease out knots yet prevent breakage to wet hair. It also effectively disperses conditioner through the full length of each hair strand. Use with our Shine On, True Blue, or Honey Myrtle Hair Mask Conditioners.

Wide or Medium Tooth Comb: creating beach curls and wavy ringlets.

Run through freshly made curls to loosen tight ringlets and keep curls relaxed.

Five Wonders of a Wooden Comb

  1. Manage Electric Manes

In the kundalini yogic tradition (and in many ancient traditions), the hair is strongly associated with one’s energy. To cut the hair is to cut off energy to the brain and mind or to strongly disrupt the flow of energy within this part of the body. Static electricity around the head and hair may interrupt or disrupt the energetic flow to the brain. Wooden combs do not conduct static electricity, so they help to protect the sacred flow of energy between the hair and the mind.

  1. Invigorate

The teeth of a wooden comb gently massage and invigorate the scalp. This may encourage healthy hair while also stimulating feel-good acupressure points and increasing mental energy.

Try combing your hair before tasks that require enhanced creativity or mental focus.

  1. Lube Up and Shine On

Combing the hair helps to evenly distribute the scalp’s natural oil (sebum). Regular combing may help to remove dry flakes and soothe dryness as oil production is stimulated and delivered to thirsty tresses.

  1. Comb to Cleanse

Using a wood comb may remove build-up and daily dirt from the scalp and hair. The sturdy, strong teeth tease away trapped dirt.

Think of using a wood comb as dry-brushing your scalp. Use a small smudge of our Honey Myrtle Hair Conditioning Mask, or add a drop or two of an essential oil, such as frankincense, rosemary, or jasmine, to the comb’s teeth before brushing through your hair. This is also a great way to perfume your hair for a sweet scent that lasts all day.

  1. Delicately Detangle

The wide-toothed wood combs are gentle, effective detangling tools for all hair types. Start at the tips of the hair and work upward as the wooden teeth gently tug each strand apart without breaking or damaging the hair.

Clean Your Wood Combs

Avoid soaking your wood comb in water to avoid swelling and splitting.

Jojoba and coconut oil are beautiful for cleaning and conditioning our wood combs. Apply a small amount of oil to a clean cloth and carefully run the cloth between each tine to remove debris. If there is build-up from hair products on the comb, use a retired toothbrush to gently scrub it away. For fine toothed combs, try using a piece of unwaxed dental floss between the tines to work out any debris. Using a soft, absorbent cloth, wipe away any remaining oil. If damp lay the comb out in the sun to dry.

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