Venice Beach

Explore and experience Living Libations’ lavish botanical offerings.

Private Consultations

Explore our lovely Libations with an expert by your side to guide your personal beauty journey. One of our expert Renegade Beauty Consultants will spend 30-45 minutes guiding you through our creations and collaborating with you to customize your self-care. Sip on tea and fresh spring water as you play with our pure plant gems in the peaceful privacy of our consultation space. Private consultations are perfect for new Living Libations lovers and for current clients who wish to explore Libations-land with a botanical specialist.

Personal Shopper

Refresh your Libations supply with a personal shopper at your service. Schedule a 15-20-minute shopping spree with a Libations expert as your guide or simply tell us the products that you want and we will collect them for your precise pick-up. This speedy service is ideal for experienced Libations clients who may have a few quick questions or need to refresh their stash fast.

Walk-In Beauty Boutique

Walk, skip, or dance your way to play in our beauty boutique, and leisurely inhale our lush botanical bounty. Enjoy our scent salon with the relaxed assistance of our Renegade Beauty Consultants as you select the lovely Libations that are perfect for you.

*Please note: Living Libations Renegade Beauty Consultants and Personal Shoppers are not certified medical or oral care practitioners.